Developing a Strong Economy for Delta County

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Trish Thibodo, Director

Trish Thibodo, M.A., joined DCED as the Director in the summer of 2014.  She and her husband relocated from Denver to be closer to family and to enjoy the many treasures this part of the state has to offer.  As a newer resident of Delta County with a connection to the history, she sees the many possibilities and growth opportunities for Delta County. 

Trish has 14 years executive director experience leading successful and growing organizations and over 24 years experience in the non-profit and higher education sectors.  In her previous director positions she has been responsible for oversight of all agency operations, fiscal health, strategic direction and grant, board and project management and participated in advocacy and policy work.  Most recently she has ran PlatteForum, which is an urban artists residency hosting contemporary artists from around the world and arts-based youth development program for undeserved youth.  Prior to PlatteForum, she was the executive director of the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a statewide membership association providing resources, education, policy and advocacy on family violence issues.

Outside of work Trish is an avid year-round gardener (looking forward to the addition of a greenhouse at home), a multi-year blue ribbon winner for her beets and cucumbers in the Denver County Fair, has a flock of "formerly city" chickens, and house full of dogs and cats.  She loves to explore the creative world with sewing, textile arts, making bath/body products and finding creative uses in re-purposing items. 

Please feel free to contact Trish at 970-874-4992, , or stop by the DCED office on 428 Main St., Suite 101, Delta CO.

Paul Stockwell, Program Coordinator

Paul joined DCED as Program Coordinator in May 2015. After years of working and living in the Front Range, he and his wife recently moved to Olathe in order to return to a smaller town setting that would offer high quality recreation.  They currently have horses, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs and cats that all enjoy the country life and they look forward to having a large garden along with harvest from their fruit trees.  Prior to moving to Olathe, Paul was employed by Omni Financial, a Tax Resolution Company based out of Broomfield, where he worked with thousands of businesses and individuals on many very complex tax issues, not only saving client’s money, but providing piece of mind through tough negotiations.  Originally from Illinois, Paul attended Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL, and earned a BA in Economics.  After college he worked with Western Illinois Works (WIA) and Spoon River College to promote Workforce Education as well as to develop necessary training for area businesses.  These positions required cooperation with many local organizations and government entities which will be very helpful in establishing similar relationships in Delta County.  "I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to the challenges of this new position as well as getting to know the communities within Delta County.  I feel like Delta County has a lot to offer and was a major reason why my wife and I decided to move to the area."

Please feel free to contact Paul at 970-874-4992, , or stop by the DCED office on 428 Main St., Suite 101, Delta CO.