Countywide Business Branding Begins

October 05, 2016 12:43 PM | Deleted user
On Oct. 5, 2016 fifteen Delta County individuals representing different industries and communities went through a day-long branding and marketing workshop.  This was this first step of the Business Branding Blueprint 2.0 Initiative awarded to Delta County by the Office of Economic Development and International Trade. We are partnered with a marketing mentor from DCI (economic development marketing firm) and the State's Chief Marketing Officer to guide and mentor us through the process. The goals of this branding initiative for Delta County are:

  • Create a compelling and unique business brand for Delta County that can easily be communicated and understood both internally and externally
  • Create a brand that can be translated to local towns and business sectors of the community and used by them in the promotion of Delta County
  • Create visuals that can be used for marketing the county as a place to do business
  • Create a plan that helps guides decision making when it comes to business recruitment and community development.
From this workshop a Branding Taskforce was created.  This group will develop the Delta County Business Brand through:
  • Conduct research via interviews and surveys in the community to uncover insights (new businesses, young professionals, older professionals, why people left, why you came to Delta County to do business, small insights…”intercepts” at that moment – dig deeper of what motivated them)
  • Create positioning statement built on research
  • Brainstorm, review, refine brand promise
  • Report back to DCI and OEDIT by mid-January (who is target audience, what are outcomes, competitive set who is it, positioning statement and brand promise.)
  • Feb 15 – finalize brand promise and kick off a marketing plan
  • March/April – draft of marketing plan
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