Formed in 1996 as Delta Area Development, inc, DCED is managed by a volunteer board of directors. Currently we have 11 board members. The board, however, has the potential for 28 seats.

  • Up to 15 private investor/sector seats
  • Up to 7 governmental seats (includes county and all municipalities)
  • Up to 3 public entity seats (such as special districts)
  • Up to 3 chamber entities



Board President: Scott Thomassen -Business owner

Scott joined the DCED Board in 2009. He owned a well-established computer business for 21 years. He and wife Gynee, are involved in organizations throughout Delta County. 

Board Treasurer: Amy Crick - Banking District Manager

Amy joined the DCED Board in 2019 as a representative for her bank.  She has been in the banking industry for 10+ years, and has a Master's in Business Administration.  Amy is passionate about our Library District and other services in the county. She is a strong advocate for young families and businesses alike.

Board Secretary: Robert Turner - Bank President

Rob joined the DCED Board in 2018 as a representative of his bank.  Rob has a degree in Agricultural Economics and Business from New Mexico State University. He moved to Delta County in 2017, and is also involved in his community.

Board Members

Caryn Gibson - Delta County School District (Superintendent)

Don Suppes - Delta County Representative (Commissioner)

LaDonna Gunn - Delta County Library District (Assistant Director)

Lucinda Stanley - Grand Mesa Commercial Real Estate (Broker/Owner)

Mitch Gronenthal - Delta Area Chamber of Commerce (Executive Director)

Ron Austin - City of Delta Representative (Mayor)

Susan Welk Valdez - LaVozCo (Owner)

Zander Parker - Parker Consultants and Accountants (Owner)

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