Building a strong, resilient and vibrant economy 

for Delta County, Colorado

DCED accesses the right people, resources and partnerships to move projects and initiative forward to grow our economy.

DCED champions Delta County and supports multiple efforts for resiliency.

DCED supports initiatives that create a climate attractive to businesses and individuals wanting to expand or relocate.

DCED organizes and collaborates with area leadership in an effort to build infrastructure, enhance quality of life and create a vibrant County for its residents and visitors.

recent accomplishments

future focused

  • Moving gigabit high-speed broadband forward in our communities which is now becoming a reality
  • Publicly and privately advocating for DMEA to actively pursue and support broadband in our communities and now through Elevate Fiber are bringing Gig service to our rural community
  • Steering the Economic Prosperity Study to bring real change to Delta County with a focus on three initial projects:  Hotel & Conference Center, River & Recreation Development and the creation of a Delta County Innovation Center focused on Agriculture and Energy
  • Spearheading Blueprint 2.0 Initiatives 
  • Supporting our diverse agricultural community with the 2017 7th Annual Soil Health Conference
  • Supporting new businesses coming into Delta County
  • Utilizing our world-class broadband infrastructure to increasingly diversify the economy and attract new businesses and professionals.
  • Continue to lead on the implementation phase of the EDA Prosperity Grant projects and ensure their success
  • Grow the 2017 Seventh Annual Soil Heath Conference and support our agricultural community, keeping the conference in Delta and putting our mark on the national soil health movement
  • Lead the Countywide Branding Initiative to create a branding and marketing campaign to identify Delta County as an ideal place to live and bring your business
  • Pursue opportunities to support retention and expansion of local businesses
  • Collaborate with the Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) and improve outreach and education in Delta County
  • Support businesses staying in and moving to Delta County

growing DCED

  • Increasing Investor/Members both in numbers and amount of investment
  • Increasing communication and outreach with Investor/Members
  • Partnering and collaborating with more organizations and non-profits to impact change
  • Staffing DCED to take on more complex and increasing number of projects

DCED - champions for change


A strong, vibrant and resilient economy for Delta County


Create and retain primary jobs, increasing the amount of income entering the county and creation of greater capital investment in the community


Build infrastructure, enhance quality of life and create a vibrant Delta County that will attract businesses and individuals

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